Thursday, November 6, 2008

My name is Jennifer, and I have an addiction...

To blogs!! I'm not kidding. I was on vacation last week, and one day, I sat on the couch, laptop in my lap, and got lost in blogs for HOURS!! It was crazy!! I love to read about other people lives. Cooking blogs are my favorite, but really, I just love to read anything about other people! Does that mean that my own life isn't exciting enough?!

Anyway, to update on life a little husband & I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on October 27th. We were on our trip to Pennyrile Forest on our actual anniversary, and it was fantastic! There is nothing better than being in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception, and absolute peace and quiet. We came home on the 29th, and celebrated then by staying in and cooking dinner together. It was really nice. I got our wedding cake from my mom's house, and lets just say that it wasn't great!! I didn't have real high hopes for it anyway. Overall, we had a really great anniversary, and my week of vacation was awesome!

I still haven't been cooking much lately. We've just had so much going on, so we've been making do with quick dinners. I will go grocery shopping next week, and hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. I found lots of recipes that I want to try, during my day of "blog stalking"!! Well, I guess thats it for me today.

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Brandi said...

Yay! You're back in the blog world! :) Happy Anniversary -- it sounds like it was great. :) Hope you have a great rest of your week!