Monday, November 10, 2008

My wasted weekend!

Well, if you read my previous post, you would know that I had big plans for my weekend. I was going to accomplish A LOT. I really, really did have good intentions, but at this point, my life is still not organized! Let me give you a rundown of my weekend...I got up early Saturday morning to take one of our cats to the vet. I figured that since I was up and going, I would be motivated. When I got home, my husband was heading out the door to run some errands, and said that he was taking me to dinner that night. So I sat down for a few minutes, and ended up taking a 2 hour nap! Then I managed to get caught up in a movie, and by the time it was over, it was time for me to start getting ready for dinner. So we went out, and ended up meeting 2 other couple friends of ours at a mexican restaurant. We talked and ate and laughed, and 4 MARGARITAS LATER, we went home. I found out this weekend that I am WAY too old for that anymore!! I woke up Sunday morning with the worst headache EVER! By about 1:00 yesterday afternoon, I felt a little better, enough to get up and clean up a little, and wash 3 loads of laundry for my husband to take up to the laundry room to dry, since our dryer went out on Saturday, and I cleaned out ONE drawer!!! However, I did manage to fill up an entire trash bag of magazines and papers and junk that I threw away. So, while I didn't get it all done, I at least got a start. And this week, we are starting my "cleaning schedule". I made out a schedule so that I don't get so overwhelmed during the week. I am tackling 1 room a night. Tonight is bathrooms. It has needed a good cleaning for a while, so this is a good thing.

Oh, and one more thing. My husband lost his wedding band yesterday. Yep, I think I'm going to strangle him. We cant find it anywhere. He sat straight up in bed at midnight last night and said "I don't have my ring on!" He never takes it off, so I'm a little worried that we might never find it. But if you know my husband, you would probably be impressed that he kept up with it for a whole year!! Just keep your fingers crossed that we find it!

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